Vulture Save Zone, Pokhara - Feeding scheduled for 9th February.

In an effort to raise awareness and funds for Vulture conservation projects in Nepal, we have partnered with the community that manage the Pokhara Vulture Safe Zone project. One of the ways we promote awareness and raise vital funds is to promote visits to…Read More

International Vulture Awareness Day

Dear Vulture fans, Do you want to help prevent the extinction of Vultures? go to the International Vulture Awareness Day website - Here you will find a list of worldwide organizations that are holding events or doing something…Read More

Vulture Safe Zone project - Pokhara, Nepal

Dear Vulture lovers, As you know, Nepal's vultures in SERIOUS decline and in danger of becoming extinct in the next 5-10 years. This is all due to a veterinary drug called Diclofenac. The vultures ingest the drug after feeding from contaminated animal…Read More

Please make a donation - We need to stop the decline of Asia's vultures now.

Hi everyone. Asia's vultures are still declining at up to 50% per year. If we do not stop the decline NOW they will be extinct in 5 years time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a donation to develop a Vulture Restaurant site in Pokhara, Nepal. I promise that all…Read More

Please make a donation towards the Vulture Restaurant site in Pokhara

Hi, We have some promising news! After 2 years of searching we have finally found a suitable site for Pokhara's Vulture Restaurant. Vulture Restaurants are feeding stations for vultures to ensure that wild vultures are feeding from safe Doclofenac free…Read More
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