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Victory for Trees and Sending Girls Back To School

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Exciting month in saving the rainforests and our earth’s biodiversity. Oh, and decreasing our carbon footprint by educating girls…how? read on…


Burger King announced it would no longer source palm oil from Sinar Mas, an Indonesian conglomerate, after an independent audit showed they had destroyed rainforests and carbon-dense peatlands in Borneo and Sumatra for palm oil production.

This sends out a clear message to their entire supply chain and to all suppliers of palm oil and other related products. Losing Burger King’s business is undoubtedly a serious blow to Sinar Mas.

Pizza Hut and Dunken Donuts are still holding out. Lets hope that changes soon, and in the mean time, do your best to stay clear of those deforestation pizzas and donuts.


Kid’s everywhere are going back to school. Well, almost everywhere except places like Africa.

Educate Girls in Africa Facebook Cause is having a $100,000 donor match right now! A wealthy donor will give 50 cents for each new supporter, which will help a girl go to school.

Join and invite you friends. It only takes 20 friends joining to give a girl a year’s supplies of school material!!!

Better educated girls have smaller, healthier families—a smaller footprint for Mother Earth.

It’s so easy to click and help:


Many thanks everyone for making us the Largest Cause to Save the Oldest Rainforest in the World on Facebook.

Ryan Quiel ~ Cause Admin and Nature Lover

~ There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew. ~Marshall McLuhan, 1964

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