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Girl Scout Cookies Kill Orangutans!

Don't believe me, ask two Girl Scouts and watch their moving video:

We can make a big difference today by reaching their petition goal of 75,000 signatures which will stop the Girl Scout cookies from ever using palm oil again.

A message from the girls:

"The palm oil in Girl Scouts’ cookies causes rainforest deforestation, endangers thousands of species (including Orangutans), and contributes to human rights abuses.

That’s why we, two Senior Girl Scouts from Michigan, started a campaign petition asking the Girl Scouts USA to eliminate unsustainable palm oil from all of their cookies."

Please Sign Now:

They only need 15,000 more signatures. We are a 300,000+ supporter strong cause on Facebook to 'Save Borneo & Orangutans '. We can do this!

We can help these two girls today by reaching their goal in the next hour if you click and fill out the petition. Are you with me!

Ryan Quiel
Lover of the Rainforest & Orangutans

PS. I love Girl Scout mint cookies, but will love them even more when they are palm oil free. Let's make this happen!

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