Room to Grow`s Silent Online Auction for Charity

To celebrate World Refugee Day 2010 Room to Grow will have a silent online auction for a painting donated by Aindrea Skelly, a talented Toronto artist. The painting is of a small refugee girl in Umphium Mai refugee camp in Thailand, where Room to Grow has…Read More

New R2G Page and Twitter account

Hi Everyone, Thanks for helping support our cause. We`d love for you to join our new Room to Grow Children`s Foundation page as a `fan` and as we build up the page you can read our status updates, read about what`s happening over on the other side of the…Read More

2 Weeks left for Christmas Basket Fundraising Campaign!!

Dear Friends of Room to Grow Foundation, If you haven`t already received an invitation to our (not actual) event, see here: If you have, I just want to remind everyone that there is only 2…Read More

npa status, www

- our non-profit status is in the works is coming soon!
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