Race, Class, Religion, Corporal Punishment & the American Agenda

Join us for a presentation by ASADAH, the author of Beating Black Kids! Threads of violent justifications can be found woven throughout cultures, the world over. In this discussion, we'll assess the role corporal punishment has played in race, class and…Read More

Stopping Violence against Children - Legislating to Stop Corporal Punishment

In Support of Children 2015 Lecture Series Presents Dr. Christian Pfeiffer, Director, Criminological Institute of Lower Saxony, Hanover, Germany TOPIC: "The Abolition of the Parental Right to Corporal Punishment in Sweden, Germany and other European…Read More

The Pope in Not Infallible in Matters of Raising Children

If you have any contacts with the Papacy -- Please share with them and your friends! An Open Letter to the Pope The US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children shares with Pope Francis' the vision of a world in which all children are treated with…Read More

Join our Vigil with a Moment of Silent Remembrance

On Thursday February 12 at 6:00 PM EST In Support of Children at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia will be holding its 10 Annual Vigil to remember and honor children killed by those who should care for them. Now matter where you are you can…Read More

10th Annual Candle Light Vigil

In Support of Children wishes to honor the lives of Children like Nixzmary Brown, who have died at the hands of those who should care and protect them. Come support our efforts and the memories of these wonderful children. We will be having a candle light…Read More


Thankful for the talk given by the lovely Asada last semester. We look forward to seeing her again soon!


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