New Report from Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children

In Support of Children (ISOC) was founded by Students at Old Dominion University with their faculty sponsor Dr. Karen A. Polonko nearly 30 years ago. At that time the group selected as its motto: "IT's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD". As you know, Dr. Polonko passed…Read More

Report from Scotland: A Review of the Evidence on the Physical Punishment of Children

30 years ago, IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN adopted as its motto: It's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD". Then is was considered a very radical statement for anyone to make. Today, things have changed. Here is a recent report from Scotland reviewing evidence on the impacts…Read More

"The Lost Commandment" Please Share with Friends

According to a story I made up as a tribute to Alice Miller, this is the lost commandment. It was part of the original commandments. When the commandments had to be redone after Moses broke the originals when the adults were behaving so badly this commandment…Read More

Participation in Project Requested -- Childhood Experiences with Human Dignity: Adults Remember It Was Like

This page provides you with an opportunity to contribute to a project designed to collect stories about childhood. Not just any stories, but those dealing with foundational experiences that often shape us as we move through life. These experiences are linked…Read More

Momentum toward Ending Violence in the World of Children

Here are two important newsletters and links to newsletters showing the momentum that is developing world wide for focusing on ending all forms of violence in the world of children. Please review these materials for information you might be able to use in…Read More

Raising Awareness and Changing Norms Early Childhood / Positive Parenting Train in France

Here's a story on how some in France are working to educate the pubic about the effects of corporal punishment and to educate about positive parenting as a replacement. As the article notes, France was close to legal reform eliminating legal support for…Read More


Please see the link below for a new report on Violence against Children. Also a new video about physical punishment of children that takes an interesting perspective. Take the quiz and share the information with others!! Please share the CAUSE PAGE with…Read More
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