Raising Awareness and Changing Norms Early Childhood / Positive Parenting Train in France

Here's a story on how some in France are working to educate the pubic about the effects of corporal punishment and to educate about positive parenting as a replacement. As the article notes, France was close to legal reform eliminating legal support for…Read More


Please see the link below for a new report on Violence against Children. Also a new video about physical punishment of children that takes an interesting perspective. Take the quiz and share the information with others!! Please share the CAUSE PAGE with…Read More

Scotland doing away with legal support for corporal punishment of children

Another country heard from. I think the message is getting through. Hitting children will no longer be protected in law! Children are moving toward equal protection from violence!…Read More

Summary article on Corporal Punishment and lots of what's happening today

Here is a great article that pulls together many of the perspectives we have brought to you on this site. Adverse Childhood Experiences, Brain Development, generational change, children's rights and many others! This is why your work to change social norms…Read More

53 Nations have NOW banned Corporal Punishment of Children

Montenegro has become the 53rd nation to ban corporal punishment of children in all settings. Your work and the work of many others is helping eliminate this practice. See link below.…Read More

Dudley Doggie

Dudley Doggie is a wonderful story about an adopted doggie and all the things the adopting family learns about making Dudley part of the family. While it's about Dudley Doggie its lessons are about relationships between parents and children as well. If you…Read More

Joan Durrant interviewed on WCTV in Chesapeake VA

In Support of Children brought Dr. Joan Durrant to Old Dominion University to speak about strategies of positive discipline. Here is an interview with Joan conducted by Chesapeake TV. To VIEW CLICK ON LINK, Click on A CLOSER LOOK (Dr. Durrant interview starts…Read More
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