The cause of ISOC is to advocate for child rights and to end corporal punishment.

In Support of Children is a student organization that was formed in January 1992 by Dr. Karen A. Polonko and students in her Child Welfare class at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. In Support of Children or ISOC, is composed of faculty, staff, students of Old Dominion University, as well as other community members who are deeply concerned about the treatment of children in our society. It is our mission to ensure that all children are treated with respect and dignity as human beings. Our main focus to date has been the ending of ALL forms of abuse against children: physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and neglect. In Support of Children helps educate students and the public through its sponsorship educational programs, film festivals, the distribution of its pamphlet "Parenting from the Heart: Ways to Happier, Healthier Children" and its bumper sticker "It's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD", as well as bringing in prominent scholars and researchers in the field to speak on the adverse affects of child maltreatment.

ISOC is a non-partisan, non-profit service organization whose purpose is to advocate for an end to all forms of child maltreatment, especially physical punishment of children and for the promotion of positive parenting techniques. ISOC Advocacy and Educational programming is provided for the Old Dominion University Community and the wider Hampton Roads Community.

In Support Of Children’s Mission:

1. To educate ISOC membership about the extent, causes and consequences of child maltreatment. 2. To increase student and community awareness of issues and information related to child maltreatment. 3. To promote student involvement in ISOC activities. 4. To develop, produce and distribute educational materials related to the groups purposes. 5. To sponsor educational programming related to the groups purposes. 6. To establish connections with other student and community organizations to enhance the effectiveness of ISOC's work.

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1. It is never ok to hit a child.

2. Educate all on the causes and consequences of child maltreatment.

3. Overall, increase awareness of issues and information related to child maltreatment.