American Academy of Pediatrics now opposes Corporal Punishment

In a new policy statement on corporal punishment of children, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidance on the use of corporal punishment to discipline and control children. (See:…Read More

Bans on Hitting Children linked to Reduced levels of Violence

While there has been much research on the negative impacts of hitting children, new research supports the idea that banning the hitting of children is linked to reduced levels of other forms of violence by young people. News Report:…Read More

Share your experiences with Human Dignity as a Child

There are many good and bad things that happened to us when we were children. Sometimes the adults in our world make us feel wonderful, at other times, adults can cause us great misery. One central idea that flows through both types of these experiences is…Read More

One of Founders of IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN elected Mayor of Athens, GA, USA

Kelly Girtz, an Old Dominion University Sociology - Child welfare grad was just elected Mayor of Athens GA. Kelly Was one of the students who founded In Support of Children with Dr. Karen Polonko many years ago!…Read More

Help Support Champions for Children - Hampton Roads

Today is give local day. It is an opportunity to help non-profit groups that are helping build a strong caring community. It is also an opportunity to donate $10 or more to support Champions for Children - Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads. This group in…Read More

A Webinar Conversation about HITTING CHILDREN

Here is an event for which you can register that supports IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN's message. Please share with others. Over 25 years ago Dr. Karen Polonko and her students studied the research on physical discipline of children and came to the conclusion…Read More

NO Spank Challenge

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in the US. Here is a link to a great program that flows from In Support of Children's motto: "It's NEVER ok to HIT A Child" You can register for the event and join with others to receive…Read More
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