The World Keeps Moving - Japan becomes 59th Country to Ban Corporal Punishment of Children in All Contexts

The world is slowly moving in a direction we at IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN advocated 30 years ago with our motto: It's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD! See this link to ACES CONNECTION: In the…Read More

The World is Moving

More nations and territories are moving to abolish laws that support hitting children in all contexts including the family. See this link about changes in the British Territory of…Read More

News about the Legal Prohibition of Corporal Punishment and NO HIT ZONES

Over the past few months a lot has been happening in the campaign to end corporal Punishment of Children. As you can see below, there are now 56 countries that have taken steps to end legal support for corporal punishment of children, with France and Kosovo…Read More

BIG NEWS from major American Professional Associations

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Karen Polonko and her students started their efforts to make the social norm: "It's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD" !! Well, due to the strenuous efforts of many, many people the movement is growing! Please let friends and colleagues know of…Read More

Importance of Childhood Experiences

Here are three reports that passed over my computer in one day last week. All describe a growing awareness of the importance of childhood experiences. Lesson often is that if we have children at risk of some problem, there are most likely adults (or group of…Read More

American Academy of Pediatrics now opposes Corporal Punishment

In a new policy statement on corporal punishment of children, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidance on the use of corporal punishment to discipline and control children. (See:…Read More

Bans on Hitting Children linked to Reduced levels of Violence

While there has been much research on the negative impacts of hitting children, new research supports the idea that banning the hitting of children is linked to reduced levels of other forms of violence by young people. News Report:…Read More
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