To tell the story of the difficulty faced by a new immigrant child learning English – as authentically as possible, and to as many people as possible.

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“Immersion” is a 12-minute short fiction film. After crossing the desert from Mexico with his mother, coming to Oakland and meeting his father for the first time, Moises, a bright 10-year old boy, struggles to survive in California’s English-only education system. With gritty realism, poetic imagery, and innovative use of sound, “Immersion” captures the bewilderment of a new immigrant boy who must adapt to a new language and culture as well as a new family.

“Immersion” puts a human face on the debate about the education of English Language Learners and tells a story that is largely untold: that of the new immigrant to California.

For more information and a 3 minute trailer, check out http://www.immersionfilm.com

"Immersion" is fiscally sponsored by Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco, which gives the film non-profit status. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

1. Immigrant children deserve a quality education.

2. Our education system should be truly equal for all students.

3. Bilingual education should not be legislated against, as it is in California.