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The education behind the hemp plant is spreading!!

Thanks to the persistent efforts of all supporters and advocates of industrial hemp the Vote Industrial Hemp cause just recently passed the 1,500 member mark! The one and only reason our cause continues to grow is, because people are educating others on the facts vs fiction of the hemp plant. This persistent passion you all posses is why we will succeed in our cause.

This education that you are all providing to the public will reveal to the public why the government needs to Re-Scheduling hemp in the Controlled Substance Act and legalize industrial for all our benefits.

Our cause is no simple task and sometimes we come across people who will throw irrationality in our faces, despite the facts we present to them in a civil manner. Sometimes some people can't be reached and all we can do is maintain our patience and civility, because the effort is all that matters and we must not waiver.

Without each of our efforts our cause would be hindered and lacking, but thanks to all of you people who once thought hemp is marijuana and marijuana is hemp, are finally questioning these falsities and together we are crushing the past stereotypes that criminalized the hemp plant.

I applaud each of you for your efforts whatever they may be and I encourage you to never cease the good fight. Continue to pass on this hemp education and never lose your faith in our cause.

Jeff Meints

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