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The Vote Industrial Hemp cause has exceeded 2,500 members and continues to grow daily!

Friends, family, and all fellow industrial hemp advocates,

There is nothing that makes me happier than to see that the accurate message about industrial hemp is rippling throughout our state, our country and the world. The whole purpose of Vote Industrial Hemp is to educate the public on the estimated 50,000 uses that can be derived from the hemp plant. The fact that our cause continues to grow daily shows that this is a movement that anyone can become a part of and agree too, because there is no taboo'ness connected to the Vote Industrial Hemp cause.

The most important part of the Vote Industrial Hemp cause's message is to educate people that while the hemp plant is within the Cannabis family tree, that the marijuana plant and the hemp plant are two different plants with dramatically different attributes and uses. The hemp plant is not and cannot be used, as a drug and the marijuana plant is and can be used, as a drug. Currently, the Controlled Substance Act categorizes the hemp plant under Schedule I, as most dangerous, addictive, and lethal drugs.

I encourage everyone to continue initiating conversations and debates about the hemp plant in comparison with the marijuana plant, so we can get the public back on the correct train of thought with industrial hemp. Challenge yourself and others by informing them of what you know and allow them to question your claims, perhaps even criticize your claims, so that you may become a more informed industrial hemp advocate and through their inputs you can polish your presentation, or information.

Always remember to maintain your patience and cool, because you are the representative of the hemp movement and your rhetoric, attitude, and presentation should maintain a professional and appealing feel. This will draw people to you in interest, instead of turning them away, due to all past stereotypes already in place. Don't allow the rare opponents we come across to get to you, because we are above all that.

We can do it, we are doing, we will do it, so keep up the great work everyone!

Jeff Meints

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