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Welcome all new members and great recruiting!

The Vote Industrial Hemp cause is a few members has exceed the 1,000 member mark and our ranks continue to grow daily. For those members that are spreading the education of the hemp plant vs the marijuana plant and you find yourself running into obstacles, or issues do not hesitate to post your questions, or concerns ASAP.

This is very sensitive educational material in the sense that when you say hemp everyone else hears marijuana. You will run into only a few common responses.

**copy/pasted from an earlier conversation**

The confusion was symbiotic with my confusion when I first came across this information. The most pertinent facts to break down past stereotypes are just this:

A) Hemp is the male plant, marijuana is the female.

B) The male plant produces less than one (1) percent THC, hence why it can't be used as a drug. Marijuana, these days, produces ten to forty (10-40) percent and sometimes higher percentage of THC, hence drug.

C) The hemp plant is drought and disease resistant, can be used for erosion control, a fire durable wood composite, and a year around crop rotator and producer.

I understand some people's wariness, because I've been handing out my hemp business cards for the past 3 years and I've heard every response there is to hear. "I don't do that," or "Smoke it up," or "Oh, I know all about hemp," and they are usually misinformed.

The hemp movement is a whisper in the wind and most times is lumped into the marijuana movement. I've seen the Simpsons reference smoking hemp, Arnold our Governor banning hemp and then referencing smoking hemp on Pimp My Ride, and I've even seen advocates of Medicinal Marijuana talk about smoking hemp. It is mind boggling how misguided the majority are.

So, here I am doing my very small part to "break it down again" and put societies perspectives back on the right track. There is a long way to go for the hemp movement and that is where all of us come in. I am also, well versed in medicinal marijuana and the many health benefits and treatments that it can do.

There is nothing I love more than talking about the hemp plant. Never hesitate to inquire!

Good luck all!


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