Re-scheduling, re-defining, and legalization of the Hemp Plant, so that our economy and society can once again benefit from it's estimated 50,000 uses.

For around 4 years I've handed out almost 20,000 business cards while being a full time student and salon owner with my amazing wife in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Over 13,000 people have checked out www.voteindustrialhemp.com and they each have learned something new and amazing about the hemp plant that they never knew before.

Question what you think you know about the hemp plant because you might be surprised to find that you are incredibly misinformed.

If you didn't know that the hemp plant isn't a drug and can't be used, as a drug, or that hemp can remove radioactive waste from the soil, or that hemp has an estimated 50,000 uses then you should educate yourself further regarding the hemp plant.

I believe passionately that the Hemp Plant is "Humankind's Savior".

Only with proper and thorough education can we finally do our own research, seek out legislative action, end these false stereotypes by spreading the word about the hemp plant and soon our economy, hence our country will benefit once again.

1. The hemp plant contains little-to-no THC, so it can't be used as a drug. Marijuana is the drug, yet our government defines hemp, as a drug.

2. The hemp plant and the marijuana plant are separate plants, but from the same family tree, Cannabis Sativa, hence are not the same thing.

3. Hemp can remove radioactive waste from the soil and there are an estimate 30,000 waste sites within the US.

4. Hemp wood composite is fire durable for those wildfire regions.

5. Hemp can be used as fuel, plastic, concrete, and an estimated 50,000 other things.