FusionExcel's "Hope For Children" Donates RM 177,000 to Various Charities At

 FusionExcel's "Hope For Children" Donates RM 177,000 to Various Charities At "2 Million Quantum Pendants Celebration Event" 19th December 2009! As part of FusionExcel's social entrepreneurship platform in collaboration with FusionExcel's Leaders to help poor…Read More

FusionExcel Creates World Record With "Hope For Children" Banner! (1)

At 60,000 sq metres ( 1.2 kilometers long by 50 metres wide ) FE's "Hope For Children" Banner made history on 7th November 2009 at Siripa Chutaporn Airport, Khaeng Khay District, Saraburi Province, by being the World's Largest and Longest Banner ! It was a…Read More

FusionExcel Donates "Water Of Life With Scalar Energy" Water Stations For Typhoon Ondoy Victims in Manila!

FusionExcel is proud to donate and hand over 5 of it's 14 "Water Of Life With Scalar Energy" Water Stations for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy that devastated Manila recently. On Sunday November 01st 2009, FE's Founder CEO Paul Ting together with Presidential…Read More

FusionExcel's World Record "Hope For Children" Banner In Progress!

FusionExcel is proud to report that it's World Record "Hope For Children" canvas banner of 60,000 sq.meters is on target and in progress for it's official launch on 07th November 2009 at Siripa Chuthaporn Airport, Kaeng Khay District, Saraburi Province,…Read More

"Hope For Children" Soft Launch In Thailand, 26th October 2009!

FusionExcel held a soft launch and media briefing for "Hope For Children" at the Grand Ballroom, Emerald Hotel, Bangkok on 26th October 2009 in conjunction with the laying of the world's largest canvas banner (approx 60,000 sq.meters) at Siripa Chuthaporn…Read More

FE Donates RM 100,000 To 5 Children Charities Through Miss Malaysia Inc!

REPORT BY FE MANAGER MR. PATRICK CHAN. FusionExcel recently hosted 75 children & 12 officials from 5 Children Charity Organisations under its Hope for Children Charity program at its HQ. 5 former Miss Malaysias from Miss Malaysia Incorporated (a…Read More
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