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CNN Belittles Rape with a Sympathetic Report

By this time, many of you have heard about the CNN news
personalities who sympathized with the 2 high school football players that
repeatedly raped an incoherent 16 year old girl. People all over the United
States were shocked and disturbed by the focus they put on the 2 boys and not
the victim. One reporter claimed to have been very emotional while she watched
as these boys lives "fell apart." She went so far as to quote one boy
sympathetically as he cried out; "My life is over! No one is going to want me

Thousands of people share in this disgust for such a sympathetic
report, and signed a petition on demanding that CNN apologize. The
petition states that when CNN "decided to paint the tears of the convicted
Steubenville rapists in a sympathetic light", they helped "perpetuate a
shameful culture in which young people never understand the concept of consent
and in which rape victims are blamed and ostracized."

We could not agree more with this petition, and the cries of
our nation. Our hearts bleed for this young girl. Rape, and any form of abuse,
is a brutality that stays with their victims forever and should never be
belittled. While we are saddened that 2 young boys could make such violent and
terrible choices, we can't help but wonder how to prevent future occurrences.
The first step is to acknowledge that any rape- despite age, gender or
situation- is unacceptable. Furthermore, a lack of consent does not mean yes.  Our society must come together as a whole to
publicly accept these truths then educate others. Creating such a society will
help break this vicious cycle of abuse, and will hopefully create a place where
victims can come forward without being ostracized. As adults, we have a
responsibility to educate our youth and protect them from themselves and
others.  Yes ICAN (The International
Child Advocacy Network) is working world-wide to educate, and provide resources
to others in an attempt to break the silence and cycle abuse. We hope you will
join us in signing this petition.


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