We decided to create this page to support the action against the ignorance of The 10th century church of Oshki; also to provide with more written, visual and audio information concerning this to

What happened in Oshki?

Just recently a large relief sculpture of Jesus from the “Deeses flanked with Donors” composition was dislocated from its original position on the south Façade.

Before that The Virgin from the same relief has been disappeared; a masterpiece of Georgian sculpture, the miniature composition of “Deesis” was cut from the pillar, broking at the same the images of St. Nino (saint who converted Iberia, eastern Georgian Kingdom in early 4th.c, ) and Grigol Oshkeli (monk from Oshki who was supervisor of construction).

Moreover, after the partial collapse of the northwestern pendentive of the under-dome structure and dome supportive system, the dome of the building is highly endangered in its existence.

If not the urgent actions to protect Oshki from further intervenes of men and climate, Turkey will lose forever one of the most brilliant and rear examples of world heritage.

The online petition was opened by the Friends of Architectural Heritage of Tao-Klarjeti addressed to Minister of Culture of the Republic of Turkey to Mr. Ertugrul Gunday.

We invite you to join this petition and share it with your friends. Here is the link:


1. Oshki Monastery Church, built 963-973,

2. Oshki is one of the rare monument of 10th century standing in its original shape