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Happy New Year All,

I hope this message finds you feeling happy, healthy, and ready to take on 2013. My hope for this year is to make great strides within the cause in not only member growth but the reach and impact we have on our communities.

I started this cause in hopes to reach out to those in need of a voice, a sanctuary, and most importantly those in need of help. I really want this to become a cause that can empower people to take action in their communities and help those in need of support in Health and Health care (be it information, emotional or financial)

The cause's biggest asset is the passion that is welled up inside each and every one of you and this level of care/enthusiasm is not created on a whim and has unbelievable potential.

I want to thank you all for the support and I hope we continue to grow. I hope to have more offerings as I would like to get people more involved in the cause and really begin to take off in the substance of what this cause can provide.

Again, thank you all and may we all get the chance to make 2013 (regardless of how good 2012 was) better than the year prior!!

Best of Health and Wellness in the New year.

Dr Sravani SN (Cause creator)

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