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Why "Gay Teens" And Not Just "Teen Suicide Awareness?"

You all are amazing and it is apparent that your association with this group indicates the dramatic importance of the issue of gay teen suicide to you.

I have seen so many people comment on this group's focus on gay teens specifically for the issue of suicide as if our minds were being too narrow on the subject or ignoring a larger problem. So, I thought I'd share a special response to think about.

I'm sure I can speak for us all when I say, we care about all teens from gay to straight and any other orientation someone may identify as. However, this group, or cause, has a much more specific target on LGBT youth; and with a good reason. As stated in our group's Positions area (which is found under the About tab) gay teens are at a much higher risk of contemplating, attempting, and committing suicide - by 400%! This alarming statistic and our members awareness of the hostile, intolerant, and lonely environment many LGBT teens face is the reason we have found it so important to form a coalition to show our support for these teens and that there are so many people that care about them and value their lives.

We can point out that any cause that exists out there is focused on a smaller area than they could possibly include. For example, forming a group to raise money for breast cancer, instead of the broader category of (simply) cancer, or a group promoting peace in the Middle East, instead of the entire world. This is not to discriminate or show lack of sympathy for, but narrow in on a particular issue, usually because of its unique impact and importance to the individual.

I appreciate people's concern that this message pertains to, and appreciate the attention paid to our cause, regardless if choosing to join or not. Thanks to all of you out there for your support and never stop being amazing!


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