Come see us December 10 at The Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run.Thanks for being a member of LifeCell Project on facebook.

Los Angeles’ largest holiday running event. Bring your old cell phones to the Race Expo! We will be collecting e-waste on race day, recycling them to help the environment and using the funds to purchase LifeStraws for people with no access to safe drinking…Read More

Sake for 1¢ & sushi to help the world – On Tues., Oct. 25 at Hama Sushi in Venice!!!

Hama is donating 10% of sales from the night to the LifeCell Project – an organization dedicated to turning over-looked resources into humanitarian good. Join us from 7pm to 11pm. Lets help the Earth, change someone’s life all while indulge in LA’s finest…Read More

The Top Five Reasons To Recycle your E-waste with the LifeCell Project

1. It saves lives – When you donate your old cell phones and other devices to the LifeCell Project, you not only help keep toxins out of the environment, you also help provide someone in-need with a year's worth of clean, disease-free water.  2. It saves the…Read More

You Can Help Fight Cholera w/ The LifeCell Project

In recent years, countries like Zimbabwe and Haiti experienced some the worst cholera outbreaks in close history. In Zimbabwe, hundreds of thousands of cases of cholera have been reported and over thousands of people have died. UNICEF Zimbabwe Communications…Read More

LifeCell Project Chages Lives

LifeCell Project, is a 501c3 non-profit organization that recycles small electronics to help buy LifeStraws – a revolutionary personal water filters – for the nearly 1 billion people on Earth who don't have access to clean water. Go to to…Read More

This Earth Day, change a life and help the Earth with an old cell phone

Everyone deserves to have clean water – but roughly 1.6 million people die every year from water-related diseases. Everyone seems to have a cell phone – but we are needlessly polluting the earth with mountains of toxic personal e-waste. This Earth Day,…Read More

World Water Day, Even if You're Broke...

World Water Day was yesterday. Even if you’re broke, you can still help get people clean water – with your old cell phones, laptops and digital cameras, working or broken. The LifeCell Project recycles e-waste to keep it out of the environment and uses the…Read More
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