Towards a future without cancer

Our charity raises funds for The Christie - One of the leading cancer treatment centres in Europe.

The Christie provides:

High quality diagnosis treatment and care for more than 3.2 million people in Greater Manchester and Cheshire

World class research

Education of international renown in all aspects of cancer

But we want to do better. Our vision is a future without cancer and we aim to provide ever more effective treatments for our patients so their chances of surviving cancer are greatly increased.

To do this we need money. We need money to buy equipment and pay for the expertise that is crucial to making advances in treating cancer. Every advance we make buys someone more time.

Given that one in three of us are affected by cancer chances are that one day it could be you, or somebody you love. So please do what you can to support The Christie. Your help could go a long way towards paying for projects that could dramatically improve treatment for our patients and take us all towards a future without cancer.

You can donate securely online here

You can also add the Christie's Donations Application to your Facebook profile and make it easy for your friends to donate to our fundraising through Facebook.

General Charitable Fund Registered Charity No: 1049751
Appeals Office, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester. M20 4BX

1. Cancer treatment

2. Cancer research

3. Education in all aspects of cancer