Protect Habitat for Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals

Dear friend, Monk seals of Hawaii need you to speak out to save their homes. Please ask the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect critical habitat for this treasured part of Hawaii's natural heritage. Please take a moment to sign the petition…Read More

For more info about the Hawaiian Monk Seals

Tom Garrett just posted a link to your cause, Save The Hawaiian Monk Seal from Extinction ( This is the site of the Hawaiian Monk Seal volunteer teem. They guard the seals night and day when needed. They do…Read More

Hawaiian Monk Seal Update

Thank you for your support, I have added some links to the site related to the seals that I thought you may like. We are now at 625 members and growing everyday.    Tom Garrett Cause Creator

Thank you Hawaiian Monk Seal supporters

I would like to thank you all for your support, we are at 212 members. I have more detailed information about the seals listed for your viewing at the seals home page posted by one of our members.
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