Operation Purple Envelope (O.P.E.)

Wondering how many of you would be willing to help get the Athena's Cup on Ellen for us! Grab a purple envelope - the color will help to get Ellen's attention - Write a quick note about the Athena's Cup and asking for her help in getting more bras to break…Read More


I have been off for a while and am totally stoked to see over 6500 members - Please help me spread the word - We need more BRAS!! Let's beat this disease into submission!!! With all of your help we can! Keep up the incredible work of spreading the word for an…Read More


Update: To date we have been able to collect 15,484 bras - that is amazing but we are far from the 169,000 we will need to break the record! The deadline has been extended - the final collection day is October 10, 2010!!!! Please help us spread the word…Read More
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