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11 Month Anniversary

Today, 11 months have passed since my son Will was murdered. The detectives no longer return my calls and the person/people who murdered Will, continue to live in our community. My hope in sharing Will's story is that someone will come forward with information, an arrest will be made and justice will be served.

Will was always an affectionate and compassionate child and teenager. He loved our family; he loved to play games and in some way make us laugh. He used to sneak up on me and try to scare me or his voice-mail message he would pretend that he actually picked up but in reality it was a message. He loved to laugh and have fun! He loved playing games, anything from monopoly to poker; he just loved having a good time and spent his life doing so. I always knew he had a lot of friends but I was truly touched by how many people knew him and that were touched by his life because of who he was for them. He was a real friend! Will was also a teenager who struggled with everything teens struggle with, but he was on the verge of making some real breakthroughs in his life for himself. He was figuring things out and what he wanted in his life and who he wanted in his life. The day before he died we had a conversation and he was excited, he had just applied for a job at Wal-mart and he and a friend had been looking for apartments. I was so happy and could see all the possibilities for Will and his life. I had no idea that that would be my last conversation with Will.

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