Stop natural gas drilling in our watershed

The NY State Senate has issued a moratorium on fracking until May, 2011. But even before then, the NYC watershed is threatened by drilling along the Upper Delaware River in Pennsylvania. Right now, only the Delaware River Basin Commission has the legal authority to maintain a moratorium throughout the Delaware River Basin. Please write to them, and ask that the moratorium be maintained until a cumulative environmental impact study has been completed. Please also ask that the grandfathered test wells be added to the moratorium. The emails for the DRBC are: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

1. http://gaslandthemovie.com/ see video of drilling effects out West & PA

2. www.NYH2O.org find petitions, letters, addresses

3. If drilling occurs, NYC will need to spend $20 BILLION to build water filtration plants

4. www.DamascusCitizens.org Suppot the not-for-profit that is taking the gas industry to court

5. tell the DRBC to retain their moratorium on fracking in the Delawre River Basin until a cumulative environmental impact statement is completed