my profile is back...

hi... couldn't stop myself from telling you this... haha... access to this profile... my original... after January 7th, 2008.... i find myself an stranger after more than one and a half years... Cheers!

Thanks friends!

HI, Thanks for joining the cause. How is it like living in a Boundaryless World.. I am certain you want to invite all those you know (and do not know) to join in and start living in a Boundaryless World... Do invite all... Thanks again/ Greetings/ Munesh

Thought for the day!

Each one of us has a choice! Either to dwell in the scepticism and be overpowered by the reasons why a Bounadryless World can not be created OR To generate and spread a committment that it will happen, no matter what... CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

Thought for the day

Consider " People who advocate war aren't evil or bad people. In fact, often they are far more committed to peace. The paradox is that they advocate war when they fear that peace (within thier boundary) is threatened. Once they begin to identify with,…Read More

Thought for the day

Consider: All boundaries that I have allowed myself to be bound by are products of 'My' mind. I myself either created or subscribed to them -- due to some insecurity. I have the power to unbound myself from all such boundaries, but do I have the…Read More

just to let you know!

Please know that I am not important, The cause is!!!

think !

consider that people whom we call terrorists are are our own people... human beings. we call them 'terrorists' because we come from insecurity. If we come from compasion, may be we will call them ' Desperates'.
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