STRAW BALE HOMES! An amazingly cheap, green and effective way to build.

Straw bale homes cut out a huge demand on timber, and makes building far easier and less expensive. Straw bale homes last 80+ years, have great insulation (R35-50) and can withstand wind of 150+ mph. And they are every bit as beautiful. Check it out at…Read More

We're In Business! E-Shield Installations

Recently, Eco Power has begun installing Radiant Energy Barriers on homes. These E-Sheild barriers block 97% of all radiant energy. That dramatically reduces the energy bills of one's home: about 20 - 40%! Eco Power partnered with Georgia Energy Management…Read More

Eco Power goes 501c3!

Yes, it is official: We are now a bonafide Tax-Exempt nonprofit! So now we are eligible to apply for thousands of grants, and every donation we receive will get the person a tax write-off. And, all of this is guaranteed with an advance 5-year ruling. :) This…Read More

Eco Power site is live!

Brian Tate just posted a link to your cause, Eco Power ( We invite you to check it out, learn more about going Green and blogging on the site. Thanks. Thanks, Brian Tate Nnm Eco Power | Providing Renewable…Read More
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