Anyone that is convicted of Child abuse more than 2X in one or more states, would have to register on the sex offender list.

My son's father has been convicted of child abuse in 2 states. He beat an 18 mo. old and broke her leg, then beat her again in the head. This resulted in numerous hospitalizations for this dear child. While on probation for this horrendous crime, he fled the state and was rearrested in AL....for what I am still trying to find out. This is documented with a police report from both states in my possesion. Was there another child? It has taken endless hours of investigation on my part to find out this much. I intent to find out....I am working against the clock.

He THEN beat my son and lost his parental rights 10 yrs later....He is now fighting for unsupervised visitation....I think he has lost that right. I don't want my son to become a statistic....injured, hospitalized or dead. Let's use some common sense...I've been told by some that we will have to wait until he does something else...Not my son...not again. Why should our children have to suffer this much? Isn't this enough?
In many states you have to register on the sex offender list if you have sexually violated a child OR you have committed a violent crime against a child...which is manslaughter or murder of a child.

I feel that if you have been convicted of child abuse 2X or more times (the EXACT definition of a Habitual Offender)...then you should be registering as well....we would know who they are and where they live. We need to shine bright lights in the corners....it is in the secrets that the chances of reoffending increase. Especially if they have gone across states abusing our children.

The benefits to us as parents or relatives? We will know our neighbors and our coaches...our Sunday School teachers (my ex is one). If you are a single parent and are considering a relationship with someone, then you will have somewhere to look. Wouldn't you want to know as a parent that your child is around someone that has made a habit of abusing children?
Who are we protecting with the laws we currently have or the lack of them? There is a logical step B to the sex offender list...let's change the law!! Help me do this for our children...all of them!!

Update...He has lost his any visits due to a positive drug screen for pot. He lied to all of the court officials saying it would be negative...mine of course was negative. He decided that taking drugs were more important than passing a drug test. I got lucky.

We have a broken system in INDIANA. Today they announced that the Indiana Child Abuse Hotline that was centralized in 2011 has let down, turn away and literally told LCW "go away". MEANWHILE......the children are being beat and killed.

We need to become vigilant (not crazy mind you) to take care of those that are falling through the wide cracks. It takes a village...watch, listen. and pay attention to those that cannot articulate for themselves. Do criminal background checks (they are worth every penny). They are talking of sending the laws REGISTER laws back to the counties...let's make some changes while they do that. Peace.

1. They have to register as violent offenders if they kill a child.

2. Just because they didnt kill them, doesnt mean they didn't mean to after 2X.

3. This could possible save a child's life....NOW!