Haiti Earthquake - Please Donate to Help Now!

Earthquake Hits Haiti Humanity First Prepares for Relief Work and Accepting Donations Situation A major earthquake, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, has wreaked havoc in the impoverished Caribbean island of Haiti. The earthquake struck January 12th at 5…Read More

Urge a Gaza ceasefire now

There is a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and, without a ceasefire, the situation will only get worse. Already, hospitals in Gaza are without fuel and necessary supplies, and families are without food, water, and heat. Four out of five Gazan families…Read More


Press Release Humanity First Canada Saturday November 17, 2007 HUMANITY FIRST APPEALS FOR BANGLADESH CYCLONE RELIEF FUND Humanity First has launched an urgent appeal for Bangladesh Cyclone ‘Sidr’ Relief Fund to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims…Read More

Urgent Need!

Dear helpers, There is an urgent need for funds to be raised in short amount of time for the dire situation in West Africa. We need to raise a few thousand dollars to meet the goals of Humanity First so I humbly request all members to donate generously. The…Read More


Please contribute towards helping humanity and relieving the suffering of the poor by donating some money through the Humanity First cause. Thank you.
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