Peace, Power and Purpose for Teens!TM

Bridge the Gap Ministries helps teenagers define their naturally inherent strengths, gifts and passions. We work to foster those gifts and passions so that they may become confident in those areas and in their ability to succeed. We work to provide positive opportunities for teens to be successful and engaged in decision-making processes, life skill programs, leadership opportunities, service learning opportunities, tutoring and academic achievement support, mentoring, cultural competency education, environmental strategies, and community projects.

1. We work to Bridge the Gap between Teens and: Jesus Christ, Families, Community and Environmental Stewardship

2. We work to Bridge the Gap between: Christian Faiths, Ethnic Groups, Economic Groups, Youth Organizations and High School, College and Career

3. We help teenagers define their strengths, gifts and passions - and foster those so they become confident in their ability to succeed

4. We provide support and engaging opportunities in leadership, mentoring, life skills, academics, service learning, jobs, etc.

5. Check us out at: www.bgmna.com