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Gas Prices Regulated

Cape Town - Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) retailers had no excuse for claiming the price regulations had caught them unawares, said Muzi Mkhize, chief director: hydrocarbons at the department of energy.

Talks about regulating the LPG price had been on the go since 2006 and retailers had been given enough time to prepare for the new pricing.

On Wednesday certain liquid petroleum gas retailers refused to reduce their prices, despite the department's announcement that from July 14 LPG at the coast could not be sold for more than R15.69/kg. In Gauteng LPG may no longer be sold for more than R17.27/kg.

Until Wednesday, LPG prices had been unregulated and dealers were able to charge whatever they wished, as long as the consumer was prepared to pay.

William Solliez, the MD of Easigas, an LPG distributor that is part of Shell, said Easigas dealers and distributors were obliged to comply with the new price regulations and act within the law.

A Somerset West reader reported that on Wednesday two LPG distributors in the area had said that they were still charging the same prices.

People who suspect they are being overcharged can phone Ngwako Kekana at the department's compliance office on 011 444 4180, or email him at [email protected].



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