We will try to get Eskom to stop or reduce the increases they are planning. We were not able to stop the increases BUT all we now can do is stand together and help each other save.

Eskom's intention to apply for a tariff increase of 45% for each of the next three years has understandably been met with outrage because of the negative effect it will have on consumers and commerce and industry.
Battling to pay home loans, school fees and already high electricity bills, the middle class will come under even more pressure if Eskom's bid for three 45%-a-year tariff increases is successful.
Middle class will bear brunt of Eskom hikes
Suburban household's electricity bill could leap to R3000 by 2012
If you are paying R1000 now you will pay R3000 by 2012 - This is you Facebook users

1. We will try to get at least 100 000 members