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Haiti Update

It has been more than a week since Haiti’s devastating earthquake -- and we are only beginning to understand the death and destruction that has profoundly impacted the country.

As we recognize the great loss of life, family, and community, we also recognize that even the worst of tragedies can bring out the best in people. In Haiti we’ve seen moments of great loss and despair underscore the importance of the hope we can place in each other. And while we take a moment to honor those who’ve suffered, we also reflect on the spirit of those picking up the pieces.

Here is an update from Dr. Dan Carucci, our Vice President for Global Health:


When I joined a UN team setting up satellite phone facilities at a temporary camp, two Haitian men approached them and said they had already organized a committee to take census of people there. These men understood the importance of working in partnership with UN agencies as aid continues to be delivered. It was breathtaking to see the resilience of these people who had lost everything but still had the wherewithal to help the UN do its job of providing aid in an equitable way. I saw people who were working to help themselves and to help those bringing in aid.

Daniel J. Carucci, MD, PhD

Vice President for Global Health

United Nations Foundation

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