To Put an end to child prostitution in asia. And to raise global awareness of this sickening situation.

I havent done anything so far, so far as acting and moving forward to stop this horrible thing thats happening. But as of now i am trying to raise awareness of asian child prostitution. (which is illegal but not enforced as a law in asia) And i wanna put an end to it with the help of many many americans/europeans/asians. And governments. childrens lives and mental stability are at stake.. with the transfer of std's and the traumatic experiences. Its sick and needs to be stopped immediately.. Whos with me?

1. Children young as 6 can have 30 men a night raping them, by being pimped, or sold by there parents as an income.

2. Children 16 and under are kidnapped sold and traded as prostitues. With no escape or life of there own. And this has to stop!

3. We can fight this, by raising national awareness, raising money. And by bringing the asian government involved in stopping it we can help.