Work Party Weekend, Meet Jada and Anthony! DDB E-News 11-8-11 Don't Miss E-news, full of great stories, and an invite to come to a work party this weekend at the Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, Virginia. See how we're turning Vick's Bad Newz Good! Plus lots…Read More

DDB Calendars; Who can Resist? Great way to Donate to a Great Cause!

Calendars are on press now, and we will have them on hand within the week. Get those orders in, they are being scarfed up! Don't miss out...we have an order for 300, an order for 150, and two orders for 100 each already! Who can resist that gorgeous cover?…Read More

Last Day to Vote for the DDB Calendar Cover Model Dog, Plus Pre-Order Calendars and Holiday Cards

Last Day to Vote for the Calendar Cover Model Dog of the Year! Choose Jackson, Ebby, Wyatt, or Sparky. Plus, Pre-order your calendar at $1.00 off, and Get a First Peek and Pre-Order your Holiday Greeting Cards!

Vote for the DDB Calendar Dog Cover Model for 2012! Pre-order your Calendar too

Did you vote yet? Each vote only $1 donation, up to 35 votes! Jackson is in first, next is Wyatt, then Sparky, and Ebby is bringing up the rear. We know the black dogs get lost in the shuffle, but give up some love for the underdog Miss Ebby too! You can also…Read More

Vote for the DDB Calendar Dog Cover Model for 2012!

Make your voice heard in the DDB Calendar Dog Cover Model contest! Will it be Ebby, Jackson, Sparky, or Wyatt in 2012? Each vote is only $1, and helps raise funds for the work of Dogs Deserve Better in continuing to free America's chained dogs.…Read More

Last Day to Vote for DDB in the Stay Classy Awards! Help Chained Dogs!

We need major help today! We've slipped into fourth place, and today is the last day to vote! PLEASE take the time (only a few minutes) to vote for DDB in the Charity of the Year Category! With your help we can win $15,000 for our Good Newz Rehab Center and…Read More

DDB Now Owns the former Bad Newz Kennels! Will you Support?

We hope to be on the ground at the DDB Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs ASAP. If all of our 94,000 DDB Facebook fans donated $5 or more, we'd easily have $470,000 for the Center! Did you donate yet? If so, thank you! If not, will you today?…Read More
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