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Latest Update from Mohsin!

Life at Goucher has been quite exciting and productive so far. Each minute, learning something new. In the beginning, I was learning American college life style, and the education system here. I had to work really hard just as any other student or even harder, to prevent myself from falling behind. I took Political Science, Frontiers (freshmen requirement), Peace Studies and English and each of these classes were their own separate world, each with a lot to offer.

My peace studies class was something very unexpected for me. Its focal point was “Non-Violence in America.” The class readings were powerful and impactful. For me and many of my classmates too the material was challenging as we read many stories of brutality over the Native Americans, about slavery, racism, and civil rights movement to women’s suffrage. But in the end, it was fascinating to learn about the people who stood up, sacrificed their lives, fought the cruelty with peace movements and won their rights, leaving a role model for rest of the world. In this class, several peace activists were invited as guest speakers. They showed us many possible ways to contribute to peace of the world in the spectrum of our life.

I realized how much I learned from this class, when a month ago, I was listening to a patriotic song on YouTube that I always loved. It contained the visuals of Strength of the Pak-Army. Although I love the Pak-Army, this time I found that my feelings about showing off weapons had changed. Even though they are for the country’s defense, showing off of those weapons can only promote violence rather then peace. I think this is quite a change in my way of thinking and I have noticed a lot more in my personality. I am really glad I took this class and I wish all the students could take it.

I love learning, so no matter how hard the classes were, I was thrilled with them. But those weren’t the only exciting things of my life at Goucher. I am on the ultimate frisbee team and have been playing all this semester. The team has been so much fun - I have some great people as teammates and have gotten to travel to other cities for tournaments, such as Savanna, GA on spring break.

This summer, I am staying on campus, taking calculus one class at Towson University. I am also working in the admissions office of Goucher and I am very excited about that. Besides that, I am playing ping-pong with friends and frisbee summer league here. FIFA World Cup is also coming up. Plus I also want to get ahead in my calculus 2 and physics classes that I am taking next semester. So this summer is already very busy and productive! (a note from the editor... he's also riding his bicycle to and from class and has a Bolivian roommate and study partner).

I am so glad that I am being able to do all these things and concentrate on my education, rather than trying to escape bomb blasts, putting up with all-day-long power outages and trying to tolerate corrupt governments and systems of my home country. However, it doesn’t mean that all of that doesn’t exist anymore. It still hurts and concerns me as much when I hear what is happening at home. But considering how much I have learned in just one semester, it really makes me happy that in the coming years, I will be able to gain an incredible amount of valuable knowledge and skills – ones that will enable me to contribute to my country and humanity. Goucher College has definitely made a huge contribution in raising and keeping my hopes high.

Mohsin Ahmad

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