To promote international peace and understanding by bringing students from Peshawar to US colleges.

Peshawar is a city in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan. It is in a state of political turmoil and suffering from a surge in violence, affecting the lives of many families in the region.

Mohsin Ahmad, a bright and talented student, comes from one of these families. Mohsin has finished his first semester at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD this past spring. He has received a college grant for $24,000 but his family lacks sufficient financial resources to cover the shortfall. We have identified another $12,000 in resources so far, but still need to raise $24,000 more by January in order for him to attend this coming academic year.

We hope Mohsin will be the first of many students from this region we can bring to attend college in the US.

1. Higher education is crucial to international understanding.

2. Economic development rather than military force will build peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

3. Helping students one at a time will make a difference.