(TYC) is a worldwide Organization of Tibetans united in our common struggle for the restoration of complete independence for the whole of Tibet to preserve our birthright to our identity!

TYC does not subscribe to any particular political ideology nor to any particular religion or religious" sect. Being a national movement, activities of TYC is not restricted just to its members, but. also receive the active support of all Tibetans - young and old, men and women, monks and lay, Furthermore, TYC commands a targe following inside Tibet. TYC was founded on October 7, 1970 in Dharamsala with His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivering the inaugural address. The founding of TYC in 1970 came at a time when the first group of young Tibetans who had received a balanced modern and traditional education were graduating from schools and colleges. This strengthened the Tibetan people's struggle for independence and ensured its continuity.

1. Preservation of the Tibetan Identity, cultural and heritage values

2. Protection of the Tibetan language

3. Education for the Youth about Tibet