A great opportunity for a Wonderful Cause!!

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=298051255036&index=1 First of all Congratulations for helping us recruit over 600 people to our cause!!! Bravo...and Good for you!! This is how we get the word out..and how we help those affected by this…Read More


Okay ....okay.....so my strong point is music.....not math!!! Now we need 51 people to reach 500 members! I looked at the 445 earlier and said we needed 5......Oops:) Shoud have been 55:) We are human....we make mistakes...please accept my apologies...and…Read More

Five More Members and we will reach 500 by October 31st!

 Thank you all for your faithful effort in raising awareness for scleroderma! We are only 5 away from 500 members!!! Let's see what we can do by the end of the day tomorrow!!! In addition.....we will be holding a raffle to win an AUTOGRAPHED picutre of…Read More

Your impact is GROWING!!!

Way to go everyone!!!! Our cause is less than 20 days old and already together we have recruited 393 people!!!! Keep up the super work....don't let down...keep sharing with your friends and family our cause and how horrible this incurable disease is!!! With…Read More
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