The story continued: toxic soy to be certified as sustainable, or not?

From the Blog "Round Table on Responsible Soy suffers setbacks, soy industry steps up lobbying" by Corporate Europe Observatory, 09 April 2010 The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), a much criticised initiative for the certification of soy as…Read More

Over 10.000 protest emails sent!

Hello! By now more than 10.000 protest emails have been sent to the Dutch government by you and our allies from The Netherlands and abroad. Youhou!. The action will continue a few days longer. All signatures will be offered to Minister Verburg of Agriculture…Read More

Take action and send a letter to the Dutch government

Heya, thanks for joining this cause. Don't forget to sign on and send the letter to the Dutch government on And tell all your friends too. Only letters send via the website can be counted.
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