Ending the suffering, abuse , torture and killings of companion animals( cats and dogs) for the meat trade in Korea.

All information can be found on the international aid for korean animals( IAKA) web site, also Dogaid australia whom work along with kaps to end the dog meat trade in Korea.

Also Aninal asia foundation, whom are based in hongkong dedicated to ending crueltyand restoring respect for all animals in asia, also dedicated to ending the cat and dog meat and fur trade in china, all information is found on there web site.

1. companion animals ( cats and dogs) are often transported in tiny cages one on top of the other for hoursand often die of injuries, dehydration, starvation over heating before arriving at the markets for food.

2. strays are caught for food but cats and dogs are often stolen from loving owners

3. are kept in appalling condions if fed at all are fed other dogs they witness other dogs/cats being killed and see and hear everything they know what fate awaits them

4. are killed in barbaric ways often beaten, hung, stabbed, electricuted, and cats boiled alive.

5. in china cats and dogs are skinned alive for their fur