Reflecting God's heart through the life long journey of adoption and orphan care

HOPE'S PROMISE is a Christian, non-profit child placement agency licensed by the state of Colorado. We facilitate both domestic and international adoptions.

HOPE'S PROMISE was founded in 1990 by Paula Freeman, after she and her husband adopted their daughter, Hope, from India. We have been serving both birth and adoptive families since that time. We accept applications from adoptive families who live throughout the United States and abroad, and provide counseling and support services to birth families who reside throughout Colorado.

We began Hope's Promise Orphan Ministries, (HPOM) our orphan care division, in 2002. HPOM seeks to feed, heal, and educate orphaned and fatherless children by placing them in Christian families within their country. We currently serve children in Namibia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Vietnam.

While international adoption serves the best interest of many children, countless fatherless and orphaned children are left behind, children equally deserving of a hope filled future, and a family. Therefore, Hope's Promise Orphan Ministries is devoted to helping those children who remain in their birth countries.

1. to minister to the fatherless and orphaned

2. to work in conjunction with local, indigenous churches

3. to promote self-sustainability of our children's homes