Help Baby Jaeli get the breastmilk she needs to survive. Read more about Jaeli and donate here: http://angengland.com/jaeli/

It’s very complicated and I will add more details as soon as I’m able but Jaeli’s basic need is healthy milk. Every time she’s been put on any non-breastmilk formula or supplement (even a small percentage) she has had violent reactions. Last time she was vomiting so strongly she was bleeding in mouth/nose within 24 hours. She also lost nearly 10% of her body weight within 72 hours because of the severity of her reactions.

Due to a wide variety of complications, Jaeli’s donor milk supply will run out within the next 3 days. The hospital refuses to order from a pre-screened milk bank without “cash in hand” since their insurance will not cover the cost of milk. Her immediate need is $1,200 for a week’s supply of milk.

I am personally donating $25 but even if you can only give $5 or $10 that will help.

1. Jaeli is a sweet, 4-month old baby girl I know personally, born with a rare chromosomal disorder that doesn’t even have a name.

2. Promotion of Jaeli's story on twitter (#Jaeli) has resulted in 2 weeks worth of milk for her. But the need still exists.

3. http://angengland.com/jaeli/