Transform elections to respect every vote and every voice

American electoral rules suppress turnout, civil debate, voter choice and fair representation -- just when our nation needs all of us to come together to address our daunting challenges. FairVote board member Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker magazine wrote this year, “FairVote is the only organization in America that focuses on the fundamentals of electoral reform.” Our unique role as catalysts in the democracy community helps move ideas for fundamental reform from outside conventional wisdom into mainstream consideration. We seek real and lasting change through a combination of principled vision and community work: promoting the ideal of truly open, fair and representative elections while also working closely with local and state reformers seeking to win and effectively implement our proposals. These reform seeds are valuable in themselves, and ground efforts to seize statewide and national openings for reform if and when they occur.

1. Instant runoff voting to allow more voter choice

2. National Popular Vote for president

3. Proportional voting to provide fairer representation

4. Universal voter registration for full and accurate voter rolls

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