is to endorse and promote indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, their cultural integrity and their right to development on their own conditions.

If you support this cause, you support IWGIA which is the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs.

IWGIA supports indigenous peoples primarily in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Circumpolar North. IWGIA supports projects concerning human rights, land rights, self-determination, poverty, racism, sustainable development, political participation, and intellectual property rights. IWGIA also publishes books, a journal (Indigenous Affairs/Asuntos Indígenas) and a yearbook (The Indigenous World/El Mundo Indígena) all in English and Spanish and parts of it in various other languages.

You can also be a member of the IWGIA group here on Facebook, or take a look at our website, where it is possible to browse through our publications, our photo archive, international processes, indigenous issues and a few country profiles.

Website: www.iwgia.org

1. All peoples in the world have the right to existence.

2. Indigenous peoples, belonging to the most marginalized and impoverished groups in the world, have the right to be recognized and to have their basic human rights respected. In particular indigenous peoples have the right to be able to survive as peoples a

3. Indigenous peoples' knowledge, modes of production and their relationship to nature can guide and inform processes that aim to combat poverty and environmental degradation.

4. Indigenous peoples have a unique cultural heritage and they should play an important role in preserving rich cultural diversity in an increasingly globalized world.