6 Humpback Whales Recently Caught in Gold Coast Shark Nets

A juvenile humpback whale about 4.5m long, was entangled in a Gold Coast shark net for hours off Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast; Nov 7th 2009. The young whale was caught by netting around one pectoral fin, this shows the vulnerability of the whales to…Read More

Have your say on Channel 10 News

Hi all, Tomorrow, Monday Night, this programme, (Live to air), on Channel 10 will have a big report on Shark Nets, they are asking for input from the community, contact/and or messages to link…Read More

The heat is up on the Gold Coast

Please everyone dont forget to sign the petition! http://www.removesharknets.com/ Thanks for your passion :) Shark nets in Qld will not be removedOctober 13, 2009 - 10:39AM . AAP Shark nets along the Gold Coast will not be removed, despite yet another…Read More
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