Take Action!

Please view the link I just posted and send this message to congress urging them to protect those with pre-existing illnesses and others unable to obtain health care. Thanks, Deanna


Please check out the new link on our page from AARP. Thanks, Deanna

Assurant Health

Good morning, all, Please check out the new link I posted about Assurant Health. It is another option for those in need of health insurance. Regards, Deanna

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Check out the number I just posted on our page. This may be the answer for a lot of people in need of insurance.

Please Keep 'em Coming!

 Hello, everyone! Just wanted to thank you all again for recruiting new supporters to our cause and ask that you please continue to remind your friends that haven't joined. As of now, we have 118 members! It's growing so quickly and I'm so excited! This is…Read More


Thank you to everyone recruiting new members to this cause. It's still in the early stages so I'm trying to get new ideas and perspectives on ways to really make a major impact. Any suggestions? People need hope so much more in these difficult times and I…Read More
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