Our World without Borders

A mobile exhibition with around 200 active participants touring through 12 cities from Middle East to its final destination in Madrid to celebrate after 25'000 kilometers on the streets cultural and religious diversity, and to open minds of every world citizen in reach for a better understanding.

Wonderful thing to do is TO LIVE A CAUSE.

You can all support that.
In a secularized world have is culture the bearer of every people's norms and values.
Those norms and values settle down into constitutions and laws, and have to do with the common conduct which that people cherishes.
Fostering intercultural understanding is for a strong part also inter-faith and inter-etnical, and is has to do with presenting religion and minority related subjects to the world.

That is why CARAVAN OF PEACE can be so important.

It is a guest anywhere it moves, exhibits on alien territory where ever the majority turns, but that gives the strength to show and to be recognized. To see, and to be seen.
Please support our cause....
You can have a tremendous impact on many people by posting our cause on your profile.
The CARAVAN OF PEACE is like a driving house of God with the pride and riches of 25 countries, to celebrate what He in His wisdom gave us and made us.

1. Cultural Identity is Valuable

2. Being Valuable is Human Aim

3. Human Aim is Self-Development

4. Self-Development is Peace

5. Peace is Cultural Identity