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Have you ever confronted someone you know about quitting smoking?

  • Yes, and that person has stopped or is trying to stop smoking now. (62% people answered this)
  • Yes, but not successfully. (34% people answered this)
  • No, but I have wanted to. (0% people answered this)
  • No. (3% people answered this)

29 people voted.

Convice kids not to smoke or to help them quit. Most kids(up to age 18) do not understand the dangerous effects of tobacco. We need to help educate others on how tobacco can harm a person's life; both mentally and physically. And also how it is harmful to everyone around the smoker. Convincing youth not to smoke is one of the greatest impacts we can have on their life. 1. Convince kids not to smoke. 2. Help kids(and also adults) to quit smoking.

The best way to help stop people from smoking is to talk to them about it! Don't be afraid to confront a friend or family member. If they know you care, they will at least listen to what you have to say!

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