We have to STOP the bastards who take poor innocent animals and test our deadly human products on them!

Just think, what would you feel like if everyday you woke up to see a man in a white suit wth needle's and harmful products, just waiting to test them on you, and all because your an animal. A worthless animal, thats what most people would say. How could anyone actually say that and mean it? It's AWEFUL! Animals have just as much right as we do, and just because we're human doesnt make us better. How can we be any better than them, we started Global Warming, we dump waist in the oceans, we have wars nd kil innocent people... so who's really the bad ones, us or the animals. They've done nothing to hurt us, and what do we do, we kill them for food, keep them in little cages all day with nowhere's to go and no life to live, we test are products on them for our safety but at the same time their safety and most importantly their life, are being ruined forever. So just think about it, we absolutley have to do something to stop these people and most importantly, stop the rest of the human race from the becoming selfish greety people they are.

1. Do it for the animals, and for yourself

2. If you loe animals, you will do something to help them

3. Care for others not yourself