Back to Stop the abuse of Ethiopian women and men in Middle East

God is in our side, keep praying

It will not make a dent but it will deter the Saudi's how God is reacting swiftly and flooded the crime city after the atrocity and crime was glamorized. It is hard to say "that is it!" when people die but at this time we just want to say thank you for GOD for taking a vengeance for us. Please keep praying, the almighty God will show us more miracles. As one of our father said at the church on Sunday, let us pray for the safe return of our sisters and brothers to home, at this time no one is not with us but GOD. Whether you are christian or Muslim or another, please pray and pray. The rest of world is afraid to say something to the Saudsi but GOD will not.
So let us pray together.


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